Marketing Memo
Keith Brion's Sousa Concerts

Program Title: SOUSA at the Symphony
(title suggesting the mixed programming and symphonic nature of the program.)

Sugggested Ad Copy: Reliving the great pops concerts of John Philip Sousa.

"A mixture of light classics, novleties and brilliant instrumental and vocal solos. The great Sousa marches played as rapid-fire encores."

Test Marketing: A Hartford Symphony subscribers' focus group described the mixed programming nature of the Sousa concert as "the perfect pops concert." Experience has shown that this variety programming concept sells the concert most effectively. The focus group found the idea of all-marches or all-Sousa to be far less attractive.

Promotion: For Keith Brion's Sousa at the Symphony programs the following are available:

30 second TV public service announcement on 1" tape

Compact Discs for local play on Public Radio stations and to be used as radio PSA.

Concert Narrator can be a prominent local radio or TV personality.

Give Away CDs on request.

PR Appearances - Keith Brion is usually willing to arrive one day early to help with promotion, and is available for phone interviews from home.

TV Talk Shows - Mr. Brion appears as himself along with 3/4" video clips from his Public Broadcasting special, "The New Sousa Band On Stage At Wolftrap."

Newspaper Features sell the concert best when they appear one week in advance of the concert.

Radio Talk and Call-In Formats

Clinics and educational concerts may be presented if the tour schedule allows.

Adding local bands to the concert

Mr. Brion's office may be called directly for help in planning promotion.
Phone: 415-789-9997

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