About the New Sousa Band

The New Sousa Band, begun in 1979, is a realization of director Keith Brion's dream to reincarnate the Sousa Band and once again tour America's towns and cities.

The musicians of the New Sousa Band are chosen for their ability to transmit the original style, spirit and ensemble sound of Sousa's Band. They are selected from major orchestras, military bands, university faculties and freelance musicians. The band wears authentic replicas of the original Sousa Band uniforms. Keith Brion and his New Sousa Band are officially and exclusively endorsed by John Philip Sousa, Inc., John Philip Sousa IV, President.

Keith Brion and his New Sousa Band have toured extensively in the East, Middle West and the Southeastern United States. The band made their first overseas tour to Japan in August 1996. In Nov. 1993, the band played their first theatrical engagement with a one week appearance at the Cristy Lane Theatre in Branson MO. They have appeared regularly in every section of the United States. In 2000 they were presented by the Minnesota Orchestra and in May 2002 by the Seattle Symphony. They have also appeared at the Music Man Museum in Mason City IA for the Meredith Willson birthday celebration.

Mr. Brion and his band appeared in a 1986 PBS-TV special, The New Sousa Band On Stage at Wolftrap, now available as a video and as a laserdisc by Proscenium Entertainment. Excerpts from this show appear from time to time on the Classic Arts Channel. Mr. Brion has also been seen in the PBS-TV special on the American Experience "If You Knew Sousa" and is currently being seen on BBC TV in London in a new show called "Sousa in New York".

The band's recordings include The Original, All-American SOUSA!, released by Delos Records, and The Sousa Legacy, on Bainbridge records, recorded with both the New Sousa Band and the Rochester Philharmonic. For more information on these and other recordings, see the Recording and Book ordering information.

Be sure to catch the band the next time their tour comes through your town!

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